Welcome to FABFlow Belly Dance!
FUNCTION-ALL-BODYFlow Belly Dance Instruction
Do you want to discover new forms of movement, develop strength, stability and toning, and gain confidence while getting a fabulous High-Impact Cardio Workout in a positive environment? It is time to renew YOU with FABFlow Belly Dance, a multi-level Belly Dance Class with a touch of flare for all levels of dancers whether you are a novice or a professional.

Rebecca has been teaching her FABFlow for 17 years. Rebecca’s FABFlow teaching philosophy focuses on muscle memory by breaking down each move to its component elements for clarity and understanding then building each move up to variations and proper technique. She emphasizes the importance of weight changes for seamless movement, proper breathing to complete moves accurately and effortlessly, and muscle usage of the entire body for strength and toning and flowing in high impact aerobics.
Get your FABFlow on!
FABFLow: Level 1 (Multi-Level Group Class Instruction)
Multi-level Belly Dance Class ranges from beginners to advanced Students. Includes high-impact aerobics with basic alignment, posture, flexibility, coordination, core moves & technique, stylization, stretches, shimmies, isolations, graceful arms, traveling steps and easy to follow dance combinations.
FABFlow: Level 2 (Advanced Group Class Instruction):
Build on Level 1 and will also include locks & drops, belly work, layering, level changes, veil, taqsim and challenging dance combinations.