Rebecca brings to her audiences a unique flavor of Belly Dancing; engaging mind, heart and body. Rebecca takes to the stages seamless technique, power, confidence and magnetism. She holds the unique gift of merging her soul; style and personality with both the music and her audiences – a connection that leaves Rebecca captivating and one every audience continues to seek out for that special moment. Rebecca teaches workshops and group, private and semi-private classes throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Rebecca is an incomparable dancer bringing grandeur and flare to every audience. Rebecca is the Definition of Fabulous.

Rebecca’s extensive dance experience has her on many stages and in local restaurants throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico, as well as other venues including, weddings, private parties, and corporate events. She has extensively trained under the direction of Master Instructors Zaphara (Seattle, Washington) and Sabura – (Seattle, Washington), as well as with a number of world – renowned instructors.

Athletics have always been a primary focus in Rebecca’s life. She firmly believes in keeping physically, mentally, and spiritually strong and balanced. Rebecca sought another form of exercise that would challenge her mind, body and soul and found that Belly Dancing was what she was looking for. She has refrained from studying any of the classical dance forms in order to maintain clarity in her dance style.

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication -Journalism/Specialization in Public Relations from Seattle University. Rebecca’s background is in Event Coordination, Public Relations, Online Media and Business Development. She enjoys her very extended Family and Friends, anything Italian, Xtreme Boot Camp, Kickboxing, the Disco Era, a glass of Cognac, Las Vegas, Honesty and Positivity.

Stay Fabulous!