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Rebecca is a successful business owner who is not afraid to have fun or show off her flair for funk and fashion. She is deeply committed to all her ventures, from running her personal business, to being a professional Belly Dancer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Weight Loss Specialist. Her instruction for all is as carefully designed as her closet. Rebecca values personal and professional empowerment, sprinkling kindness to all, and uplifting those around her. She not only promotes physical health, but also personal happiness, self -love and hustle.

Her focus on Dance and Fitness fiercely emphasizes solid physical fitness, strength, and endurance. Dance and Training allows Rebecca to connect with people and bring them together for a shared experience where they can safely free themselves of their comfort zone and experience the Spotlight.
Remember to always love yourself and STAY FABULOUS!

FABFlow Fitness Services:
Personal Trainer
– Fitness Assessments
– Exercise and Training Programs – completed in the gym or your home
Group Personal Training Specialist
– Fitness Assessments
– Exercise and Training in a Group Setting
– Bootcamps
Weight Loss Specialist
– Fitness Assessments
– Personalized Nutrition Coaching for Weight Loss
– Exercise, Training and Nutrition Programs